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Salon Problem Solver One on One Consulting

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Salon Problem Solver One on One Consulting


One on One Skype Salon Consulting 

If the biggest issue or problem were solved in your salon right now what difference would it make to you and your business?

Dear Salon owner,

  • More peace of mind with your salon?
  • How to turn your salon around?
  • More money?
  • More clients?
  • Keep more staff?
  • Bring back hundreds of lost clients?
  • Stop stylists taking your clients?
  • Better salon systems that work?
  • Bigger better and stronger marketing results?
  • How to eliminate simple salon managing problems forever?
  • And more...?

Salon Problem Solver

You can now book consulting time with Alan.

That means you can speak with salon experts with a combined salon experience of over 30 years helping you solve your biggest salon problems fast!

Now I want you to know this.

  • I solved every single problem in my own salons over almost twenty years.
  • I have solved EVERY problem ever thrown at me from any salon anywhere.
  • I have worked with huge brand names salons to small start up salons to salons that are stuck due to on-going problems.

So don’t worry your problem can be fixed and fixed faster than you think.

One 60-minute consultation with one salon owner resulted in almost £7,000 in his cash drawer.

I’d love to solve any salon problem you have right now.

So give me sixty minutes of your time and I will give you a lifetime of results that’ll wipe out your salon problem forever.

Book sixty minutes with myself over Skype or phone.
If you are local a face-to-face can be arranged.

All you need to do is the following.

Be very clear about your problem – I will show you exactly how to do the rest and of course FIX your problem for good.

Slots are limited!
Price: Just £249.00

You can book by calling our office during working hours on UK 00 44 (0) 161 929 6902 book on this page below. We will get in touch as soon as we see your request.


I would like to have a quick chat before I can book

No problem, we can arrange a FREE 15 minute consultation, call us in the office on 01619296902 or email:

What happens after you book your appointment?

You will get 2 emails:

The 1st email will be an instant acknowledgment email confirming your slot has been reserved. 

The 2nd email will follow shortly after you place the order and we will agree on the suitable time and place to conduct consulting. If you are local and prefer and travel we will agree so, otherwise consulting will take place over the phone or via Skype. 

Once the date and time is agreed we will send you a brief salon questionnaire for you to fill out prior to the call, that helps us identify your salon problems before we speak, hence we can get to the solutions faster. 

How long do I have to wait for my consulting appointments, I want to solve my salon problems fast!

We keep our appointment slots to the minimum that way we can book you in at a short notice and without a delay. 

If you require further help please call the office on 01619296902 or send us an email info @

Speak soon.

Alan and Team Salon Punk

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