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I Am Bastard I Am War

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I Am Bastard I Am War


This book on War is available to download here and in Paperback.

Note from Alan: I cannot explain why I wrote this piece but I can try using just a few words. After reading and seeing the endless horrors against humanity in Syria a few years ago I wrote a single poem called ‘Tears of a Mother’. As time moved forward these Wars seemed to progress to the state they are as I write today. The history of humanity and war never changes and neither does the outcome. As quickly as war arrives peace follows for a period of time once the nation and armies become tired, jaded and exhausted. The soldier regrets his war if he survives only to be followed by a new angry generation that never saw what their fathers saw. War is BASTARD, BASTARD is war.

Is there any excuse for WAR?

My WAR piece attempts to look at WAR from the perspective of a Father a mother a son and a leader. They all come under the control of BASTARD and that BASTARD is WAR.

Alan Forrest Smith

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