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The Salon Punk Book


New Book, The Salon Punk, Coming Soon! Pre-Orders to be announced shortly!

By: Alan Forrest Smith

Published by: Master & Man Books

From the author:

I think any salon owner will love it. The stories, the history, the sex pistols and a whole lot more. It will be published before summer by Master and Man Publishing.

In a nutshell, the book is this.

My history as a salon owner, how I developed into THE SALON PUNK and how you can salon punk your own salon by following a ton of proven steps that are all tested and work in real salons.

One more thing before the short extract...

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THE NEW BOOK - The Salon Punk

Here's a short extract for you.

"Punk rock reintroduced the skinny jean. The problem was you couldn’t buy them at that point. I was 14-years old and I really wanted skinny’s. I had the skills with my sewing machine so I simply cut up my flares and stitched them back together into ultra-tight skinny’s.

Of course, I also made skinny jeans for all of my pals … supply and demand! Jeans for cash!
My hair was still longish again though for a punk and this was a problem. I’d seen my mother cutting hair many times in the kitchen and she wasn’t a hairdresser. So I gave her a photo of Jonny Rotten the singer from the Sex Pistols and asked her to cut it like that. She did, it was a mess and I loved it. I had to wait until I was 16-years of age before I could then colour it red, purple and yellow. Dad almost killed me!

All the boys were growing up now and all the boys also wanted to look cool, up to the minute and happening. When they saw my long hair cut short and spiked they wanted exactly the same. They asked if I could do it. I said sure (again - obviously)! I had watched mum cutting hair so many times and it looked easy enough to me.

I started cutting all the guys hair. I even started colouring all the guys’ hair. I would charge £5 and it was still way cheaper than going to a hairdresser that hadn’t caught up on trends. Once more I was the richest kid on the estate and my pals were still throwing their pocket money at me for haircuts.
I managed to buy a leather motorbike jacket like the ones worn by the Ramones from my new teenage wealth. It was cool.

Nothing had really changed.

Everyone wanted skinny’s and spiked hair. I gave them exactly what they wanted and they hand over their cash as a nice value exchange.

I didn’t realise but my lessons for business had been established very young and it was as simple as give people what they already want.

The punk rock adventure continued for some time because I formed a punk band. We wrote songs, recorded the songs on tapes, played gigs and guess what? People wanted Punk Bands in those days and punk songs. I gave them what they were already asking for but really I was chasing fame!"


Remain tuned, pre-orders to be announced soon!

Alan Forrest Smith and Team Salon Punk


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