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Facebook Advertising Guide for Hair and Beauty Salon Businesses

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Facebook Advertising Guide for Hair and Beauty Salon Businesses


This product is available as a FREE bonus when you purchase Salon Extreme 21

This Is EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Facebook For Your Salon.

How to effectively and easily use Facebook Advertising to get tons of new clients, recover all your missing clients and increase your client visits in between the appointments.

That means - filling your empty chairs very quickly - very easily!

If you are a frustrated-to-death hairdressing salon owner or manager ... and are looking for tried, tested, proven-to-work, tricks, tips, techniques to promote and grow your hair salon at lightning speed using FACEBOOK... I promise you'll find our new salon guide as easy as 1,2,3!

The real question is this: how can you connect your salon and your clients together and pack out your columns and what exactly how can Facebook advertising help you achieve that?

In this guide you will discover:

How you can fill out appointments using Facebook Advertising
How to market your hair and beauty shop
Why marketing on a small budget can bring you more clients
How you can find clients and promote your salon in minutes
Why re-targeting your clients will explode your salon sales
Why Facebook is a must-have tool to recover missing clients
How to set the budget, how to turn every £100 into £1000s!
Why creating promotions through Facebook is easier than ever
Why Facebook advertising will help you quickly fill empty slots
How you can Chat and sell at the same time
Why Facebook will help you influence your market using other influencers and get more clients in the process
How you can start using Facebook for referral marketing
Even attract the best stylists

And more!

Even if you never set up Facebook advertising before, or you have been using a number of Facebook advertising tools, this guide will walk you through every tool that will help you get busier, build columns, sell empty chairs and get busy faster than before.

The guide will walk you through the essentials of setting up your Facebook business advertising correctly. It will then guide you through creating various customized advertising for your hair and beauty salon, it will then guide you how to target the right clients, from new clients to existing clients and missing clients.

One of the most frequently asked questions for hair salon owners are:

How do I get new clients?
• How do I recover missing clients?
• How do I increase the visits between hair
• And how do I upsell existing clients?

This guide will help you walk you through the entire process from promotions to actually converting leads to sales.

We also included some advanced tools for you, as well as more basic tools so you can start promoting your salon business wherever you are. Start with one easy tool at a time, and slowly move on to more advanced tools. Don't worry, no technical skills are required.

Don't wait!

start getting new clients, recover missing clients and increase client visits in between the appointments right now. 

Instant Access!


Q: I already have a Salon Extreme 21 manual, will this information be already in the manual?

A: No, Facebook Advertising Guide is a brand new guide and the information inside is exclusively available inside  Facebook Advertising Guide only. 

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101 Salon Tested Ads
BONUS 2: How to Get missing Salon Clients Back

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