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Pioneer Graduate Program - I Am The Future



All day event - 10AM - 4.30PM

"I Am The Future"

For Graduates and underperforming stylists and salon owners who want to pack out graduate columns fast.

Let me start with a story.

This is the story of how three young graduates become there of the highest earning stylists in their salon despite working with hairdressers with twenty years and more experience.

They will earn

  • How to increase their average bill
  • How to pack out their column
  • How to create a referral program
  • How to triple their client base in 21 days
  • How to sell more colour
  • How to do a consultation properly
  • How to build self-belief
  • How to attract more clients
  • How to tap into
  • You Are The Future ... £250 to £1900 Column... How?
  • Believe it. Think it. Do it. Everything is possible.
  • Building Your Column In The 4th Dimension

Here Now You...

  • Manifest Your Column Into Success
  • The Law of Deliberately Recreating Your Column


New Program Designed To Get Your Column Packed In 6-12 Weeks

WE at Salon Punk are looking for young trailblazers, creatives, genius hairdressers that want more. The best way to get more is to pack out your column and that is easier than you might be thinking.

We want you to be part of our PIONEER PROGRAM.

You’ll Discover

  • How to get your column packed in 6-12 weeks
  • How to build an aiming career
  • How to get more from your job
  • How to design your column around your life
  • How to get acclaim as a PIONEER
  • How to be the best at what you to
  • How to have the busiest column in the GROUP
  • And more

If you are ready and willing to stay the course and work at our side you can have the above and more.

For you this means: taking action, this means doing what we show you and this means a better, bigger stronger column and stronger career than ever before.

We at Salon Punk know you are the future of hairdressing and we want to give you every opportunity to prove that for yourself.

Here is that incredible opportunity.

Spend a day being shown exactly how to do that with SALON EXTREME TRAINER and MENTOR Alan Forrest Smith

Alan is heading our ALL-NEW SALON PUNK PIONEER TEAM where he will train you via our new PIONEER program.

He will be showing you in the simplest and easiest of ways on how to get busy and get busy fast!

Join now and enroll your stylists

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