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ATTENTION: Salon Owners, Beauty Salon Owners, Spa Owners, Barbershop Owners and All Managers …

In partnership with La Biosthetiqu and Lanza

  • Location city: Glasgow, UK
  • Date: 3rd June 2019
  • Event address: The Corinthian Club
    191 Ingram St, Glasgow G1 1DA
  • Start: 10 am - Finish 4:30 pm


Stories – Visions – Goals – More Sales – More Clients – More Business – Sharing Salon Business and Business Building From Over THREE-DECADES of Real Salon Expertise & Experience. Previous attendees say ...

  • “INSPIRING” IK Hair Bromsgrove
  • “FANTASTIC” IK Hair Bromsgrove
  • “INSPIRING” Paul Hetherington, Le Biosthetique
  • “WHAT AN AMAZING DAY” Hairdresserstefan
  • “INSPIRATION” from THE SALON PUNK. Wicked Hair Worcester
  • “AWESOME” Karen Aldworth
  • “BRILLIANT” Val Hunt

Possibly The Best Live Event You’ll Ever Attend If You Are a Salon Owner … Here’s


If you are expecting the usual salon event this won’t be for you. You’re thinking as a salon owner will be challenged, transformed, enlightened, uplifted and frankly, I doubt you’ll have heard a salon expert reveal what really works in a salon for 2019 and beyond.

According to previous attendees, this is a brilliantly, inspiring and motivating day that will leave you with a feeling of more energy and finally a key to making the changes you need to create a real business from your salon. And prepare for the unexpected.

You'll hear a solution to staff that you will be asking yourself how come I never knew this. Another solution to increasing numbers that will sound so simple you wished you’d done it years earlier.

And ... Solutions for building, growing and expanding your salon business that you will have been happy you came all this way just to hear them.

As my own salon history as a salon owner and EXTREME business consultant proves, I really do transform salons into rock-solid businesses

Get ready to join me at my next live gig for what will prove to be a highly motivating day for you and a day filled with the promise of better things for you and your salon.

THE SALON PUNK EXTREME LIVE Will Change Your View On Most Salon Building Ideas… Here Is Why?

There’s nothing new in what I teach yet what I teach almost no one does. I don’t know why they just don’t. What I teach and share and give are real business building ideas, thoughts, strategies and tools that are proven to work, deliver incredible results, supported by raving fans and verified with real numbers.

No wonder salon owners love our days together. And if my last live gig in Birmingham was anything to go by if you join me you will be absolutely blown away by what you hear.

If you come you should expect a fake expert showing you a 1,2,3 step-by-step way of pretending to build your salon. Rather you will experience an electrifying expert with 34-years business, salon, marketing experience that I doubt you’ll forget in a hurry.

Prepare for a lifting, motivating, energising experience as Alan delivers what he knows, shares what he’s seen, gives out idea after idea and will tell you exactly what you must hear in the 21st century.

Here's some of what we shared at the last live event. This ISN'T EVERYTHING but more than most expected.

Proof that THE SALON PUNK EXTREME methods work - back up by stories

  • How to become your own business builder
  • Are you happy and how to become the happiest salon owner ever!
  • Why disco management is well and truly dead
  • Every reason that social media won’t work and - how to really make it work
  • Staff are no longer slaves - learn to love them
  • How to create loyalty in a disloyal world
  • Why most salon owners are now lazy marketers and how to become an extreme marketer
  • The reasons your salon might not be working and how to fix them fast
  • How to avoid faile experts and why you need real experts
  • The truth about online, facebook and all that other hype and … I will show you what is working right now
  • 4 ways to increase your business in 60-minutes flat
  • The extreme method for packing a column with 28 per week in just 21-days
  • The science of column building made simple
  • Case studies that will blow your mind
  • How to solve the stylist dilemma forever
  • The story of the £250 - £1,900 per week column
  • Your column challenge the extreme method
  • 18 predictions for the future of salon business
  • 15 must know actions to create extreme results
  • Salon Extreme Case Studies You Can Cop

And more … 

This Is For You?

Regardless of where you are right now in your salon business, I would encourage you to join us for a day that is distinctively different, nothing like the usual but promises to deliver breakthrough thinking that your salon probably needs right now. 

Space is very limited as always so I urge you to book your seat right now.

THE SALON PUNK, Alan Forrest Smith

Dates, Time & Location

This is a full day

  • Location city: Glasgow, UK
  • Date: 3rd June 2019
  • Event address: The Corinthian Club
    191 Ingram St, Glasgow G1 1DA
  • Start: 10 am - Finish 4:30 pm
  • Ask Alan questions you need to be solved.
  • Meet dozens of other salon owners like yourself 

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