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Yesterday I went to meet a pal of mine I hadn’t seen for years. We met in 1989 when I opened my first salon. He was one of my first experiences with a rep although he was more eccentric than a salesman. His name is Paul Hetherington.

See our hot dinner date above!

After the late 90s, our were disconnected by time and life. I had sold my salons and he was doing his own thing in his own life.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. A message appears in my Instagram inbox from Paul. I was a little surprised and he was a little excited.

To cut a long story short, to leave out a couple of divorces, house moves, kids and all that other family stuff – fast forward to 2019 or THIRTY YEARS later (God that sounds old!) we met again for lunch.

Paul looked amazing and I looked like me.

Paul told me a story I had told him in 1990. I forgot the story but remembered once he had reminded me.

In 1989, I joined 364 hairdressing. After around 18-months I stopped going. I loved Leslie Spears and Mike and Di but I am not a group or gang person.

So once at the hotel on the 364 training after the day all the salon owners would meet downstairs, eat out, get drunk, sniff this and that and more. You can imagine (not everyone obviously).

I didn’t like that. After the day I would go to my room and then go out the back door of the hotel to avoid everyone, go and find a fish and chip shop and then come back to the hotel with fish and chips and then sit alone in my room until I was too tired to stay awake. That’s how I like it I like to do my own thing.

Paul reminded me of the story and he told me that he never forgets how important it was to stand outside the crowd and do our own thing from that story.

So we met and we talked and we laughed and we gossiped but we also started a plan. Paul has a plan for his people and it ties into my plan.

So this coming February 4th 2019 the very first official insight day from THE SALON PUNK will be held in Birmingham. It hasn’t been fully formulated just yet but I can promise it’ll be packed with some INSANE new things that will drive you salon and more importantly your mind forward.

Paul Hetherington is a highly respected partner at Le Biosthetique. He is also the most eccentric man

I know in the industry that has the ability to mix salon business with real sense.

I get a feeling that this day will be a day that every salon owner should attend.

I will be speaking for the whole day.

I will also be revealing the blueprint you must follow to create EXTREME SALON SUCCESS.

This IS POWERFUL STUFF and the results, cases studies, strategies and more will give you a clearer path to drive your salon into 2019.

February 4th 2019, Birmingham, England.

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