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Missing Salon Client Kit



The Fastest Way To Grow Your Salon And Recover Missing Clients Using Ready-to-Go Salon Marketing Letter Kits. 

How to Pull Back 65% of Missing Clients Back into Your Salon … and DOUBLE Your Salon Income in the Process Using a

Simple Ready-To-Go Salon Letter Marketing Kit!

Downloadable manual in 2 parts, plus a FREE bonus by Alan Forrest-Smith & Team Salon Punk

Part One:

In this manual, we would like to show you the exact same, the ridiculously simple strategy I used in my own hair salon marketing to increase my salon takings by a huge 65%. And, I managed to pull back MOST of my salon’s missing clients!

Letters, a very simple set of proven to work salon missing client letters are included. So easy… it’s ridiculous.

It works like this.

Step 1. Find or print out a list of missing clients.

Step 2. Open the missing client, salon tested letters I have prepared for you.

Step 3. Tweak them according to your salon.

Step 4. Put a stamp on the envelope and put it in the mail box, or use an email

After that…

All you do is wait for the telephone to ring. Before you know it you’ll start to see those missing clients coming back into your hairdressing salon.

Part Two

The Ultimate Guide to getting back missing salon clients in 15 Minutes Using Your SmartPhone in 3 easy steps.


  • Clients went missing?
  • Stylists stole your clients?
  • Get them BACK!

This iToolkit of Missing Salon Clients is an upgraded edition of the original Missing Salon Client Letter Kit. We have been salon testing newer ways you can recover your beauty salon clients and get them back, using nothing else but Social Media and your SmartPhone. More profits to you with a very little or no extra investment.

In this manual you will get:

  • Missing salon client kit letters;
  • Detailed step by step guide how to use the letter system. 
  • Step by step guide to recover missing salon clients in 3 easy steps using Social Media and SmartPhone
  • 101 Social Media Ads for your beauty salons. 


BONUS 1: iEdition: How to Access & Get Back Hundreds of Missing Salon Clients in 15 Minutes Using Your SmartPhone

BONUS 2: 101 Salon Tested Ads - How to Create Small Salon Ads that Sell Like CrazySalon ads

Alan Forrest Smith

Salon Punk

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