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Missing Salon Client Kit


Missing Salon Client Kit


Here’s how I increased my salon takings by £28,350 without a single new client

  • A system as easy as 1,2,3

  • It is a very low-cost copy & paste system

  • There are no huge advertising costs 

  • It has nothing to do with social media

  • The results are just spectacular


Dear fellow salon owner,

You know that feeling when you see a client whose hair you’ve cut for years walking towards you and you realise she’s had her haircut somewhere else?

Now only have you lost a friend, a client and the value of a haircut but you also lost a huge chunk of revenue from your salon.

I hated that feeling as a salon owner. You spend years building clients only to see them going somewhere else. And then the expensive process of bringing in new clients starts all over again.

 What if I could show you a salon-tested, salon-proven and salon-profitable way to increase your salon clients and takings again without a single new client? And it is so easy you’ll wish you’d done this year ago.


This is the fastest way I have used to grow your salon and recover your missing clients  (and tested and proven in salons just like yours) 

And I have seen as high as 65% of Missing Clients being brought back into salons doing this.

Look at this,

In one salon we managed to bring back 9 missing clients per week on average.

Each client on average spent £63.00

Over a year this increased salon takings by £28,350.

This was all done without a single new client.

Doing the same in your salon next week could very easily increase your salon takings without a single new client.


... Is proven time and time again to increase salon takings and recover missing salon clients in days!

Everything we do and do in salons just like yours in this book.

You will discover...

In this MISSING CLIENT KIT PAPERBACK, I would like to show you the exact same, the ridiculously simple strategy I used in my own hair salon marketing to increase my own salon takings by a huge 65% with NO new clients. And, how I managed to pull back MOST of my salon’s missing clients!

A very simple set of proven to work salon missing client letters are included. So easy… it’s ridiculous.

All you have to do once you've ordered is open the book, read it and do what other salon owners like yourself have done before you.

You will find a whole system that not only helsp you to understand why clients go missing but also how you can get them back very quickly and  - become not just friends again but their hairdresser again.

You will learn how to ...

  • Step 1. Find or print out a list of missing clients.
  • Step 2. Open the missing client, salon tested letters I have prepared for you.
  • Step 3. Tweak them according to your salon.
  • Step 4. Put a stamp on the envelope and put it in the mailbox, or use an email

After that…

All you do is wait for the telephone to ring. Before you know it you’ll start to see those missing clients coming back into your hairdressing salon.

ALSO ... 

The Ultimate Guide to getting back missing salon clients in 15 Minutes Using Your SmartPhone in 3 easy steps.

  • Clients went missing?
  • Stylists stole your clients?
  • Get them BACK!

This iToolkit of Missing Salon Clients is an upgraded edition of the original Missing Salon Client Letter Kit. We have been salon testing newer ways you can recover your beauty salon clients and get them back, using nothing else but Social Media and your SmartPhone. More profits to you with a very little or no extra investment.


  • Missing salon client kit letters;
  • Detailed step by step guide on how to use the letter system. 
  • Step by step guide to recover missing salon clients in 3 easy steps using Social Media and SmartPhone
  • 101 Social Media Ads for your beauty salons. 


  • BONUS 1: iEdition: How to Access & Get Back Hundreds of Missing Salon Clients in 15 Minutes Using Your SmartPhone
  • BONUS 2: 101 Salon Tested Ads - How to Create Small Salon Ads that Sell Like Crazy

I will say this... if you are not doing this already it is clearly because you don't know how to or have never given it any real thought. You should know this though because it is a simple tool you can make happen in between clients. It is cheap and even better it has been proven to work so many times in so many salons you'd be crazy not to at least try it.

The Salon Punk, 

Alan Forrest Smith

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