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How To Grow Your Salon Business

For Hair Salon Owners & Salon Managers That Need

As a top salon mentor I need to know the best and share the best. I cannot play around with your salon. I know you need results and need results fast.

So if you need more clients into your salon fast. Need more effective salon marketing tips now. Need help with proven tips for good salon management. And of course want to sell more salon product, more colour or technical services or want dozens of salon proven tips that build clientele ...

... We Can Help You Grow Your Salon Business ...

All of our salon business building books and products have been tested in real hair salons just like yours. They are all the best salon practices, hair salon tested, have built salon business from the ground up, have turned hair salons around and have even saved sales from certain closure.

Our best salon marketing and best salon business ideas here have fixed every salon issue from growing a salon business, running a hair salon business, helping owners become good salon managers, building big clienteles fast and finding salon marketing ideas you're probably not doing.

All of our best books for hair salon owners deliver 5-star information that works.

From our masterful and massive A4 salon business building manual - SALON EXTREME - to our small and best-selling best book for salon owners to read - THE SALON PUNK - Everything you read is from the mind of one of the U.K.'.S most premium hair salon business mentor - Alan Forrest Smith.

Our books contain hundreds of pages packed with salon column building ideas, fast-track marketing for salons, dozens of ways to pack any salon in days with clients, only the best ways to get clients into your salon, best hair salon management practices.

FREE Salon Marketing Ideas:

You can read our salon business building blog. Over 500-pages of the best salon marketing ideas, promotions and strategies for 2023 and beyond. All for free. 

The Best Salon Mentor Program SALON MENTOR EXTREME

Or if you are ready to take your salon to another level you can work directly with Alan to transform your salon realists very quickly. Salon mentor boasts some incredible results. Growth in salons of 223.7% in just 12 days. Doubling go salon turnover from £4,500 to just under £10,000 in just 12-weeks. Salon Mentor Extreme is bespoke and unique to your salon.

Please email us if you need further help.

Alan & Tamara Forrest Smith, Salon Punk Best Salon Marketing Tips and Ideas.

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