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The Young Ones

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The Young Ones


Building Salon Teams For A New Age of Hairdressing 

Are the majority of your stylists 25 and under? Then you need to listen to this audio class, here's why.


Sometimes we love them, and sometimes we are frustrated.

But here is the real problem.

Salon owners are still hiring staff like it's the 90s.

Those days have passed and unless you as a salon owner tune in you will have staff problems. 


Most of your staff are GEN-ZERS. This means they are 25/30 and below. This means they are a totally different generation from what you were and all of those hairdressers before you were.

When I say different I mean very different.

They grew up online. They love to cancel out people and things. They feel detached. They want purpose and so much more.

The bottom line is if you fail to manage staff according to their inner human needs of they will walk all over you and your salon could end up like Nickys - DEAD, SHUT AND OVER… or as these GEN-ZERS will say - CANCELLED.

I read this week that GEN-ZERS have now moved into canceling their parents. If they are canceling parents you are making a huge mistake to think they will not cancel their job with zero consciences.

A New Way To Hire Stylists

If I could show you a way that is in tune and in harmony with what your team thinks would you want to know?

If I could show you exactly how to fill their needs would you want to see exactly how?

If I could give you a program that you can easily replicate and put into your salon that is designed to create more cash for them and more cash for you - would you want to know?

And if I could show you to have zero fear of staff leaving because you can build that eventually into your business would you want to hear that?

Join me for a Salon Extreme Digital Masterclass that will show you that and more.

Building Your Salon Team For A New Age of Hairdressing

This is a recorded call.

During this 25-minute call you will discover:

  • Why hiring to fill a space is a huge mistake
  • How to understand what you need from each team member
  • Understand what they need from you, and why it is crucial
  • Knowing how your salon will look in 12 months
  • Notes and goals for yourself
  • And when to actually start looking for new staff and more.


  • You don’t have to leave home – this is an online recorded teleseminar.
  • Once you place the order, you will receive 2 emails. The first one will acknowledge your order, the second email will include the link to the download page. Please note the second email will arrive shortly, but not instantly. We aim to send within 1 hour of the order being placed unless it's an overnight order as we do that manually.    
  • Downloaded and listen to time and time again (total time, 25 minutes).
  • Location: Your computer or smartphone
  • By Alan Forrest Smith


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