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How To Solve the Staff and Client Problems

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How To Solve the Staff and Client Problems

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Give me 60 minutes of your time and I’ll show you how to transform your salon’s staff forever!

This will be the very best 60 minutes you ever spend on your salon.

We will solve



The number one question we get asked to solve is – ‘STAFF PROBLEMS’

The number two question is ‘how do I get more clients?’

After owning three salons for almost twenty years and working with hundreds of salon owners like yourself – I think I have a trick or two that actually works up my sleeve.

These are two problems I spent years and thousands of pounds solving. It’s easy when you know exactly how.

Once you discover what I have to share and then you put it into action I promise your salon will never be the same again.

This is a simple, direct, and proven call that is designed to give you fast solutions that work.

This is a recorded teleseminar that is rammed packed with solutions that do work, have worked, and will work time and time again once you know what to do.

What You'll Discover 

  • How to kick-start your staff management despite where you are right now
  • How to plan for salon success using this one ‘futurism’ secret
  • How to attract the perfect stylists for your salon (it isn’t how you think)
  • What to do when your stylists do leave (know this and you’ll never have a meltdown again when top stylists leave)
  • How to stop your stylists leaving (yes you can stop them from leaving – here is how)
  • How to grow a new team so they arrive and stay for years


  • How to attract clients – tons of clients
  • How to be the only option for anyone with hair in your town
  • How to keep clients coming and coming back for more
  • How to have so many clients you’ll have to start a cancellation list

What is included:

  • How To Solve The Two Biggest Problems You As A Salon Owner Have - RECORDING 1hr22min.
  • How To Solve The Two Biggest Problems You As A Salon Owner Have - A HANDOUT


This call is for salon owners that take their salon business seriously. This call will offer proven, tested solutions you can use forever in your salon.


  • You don’t have to leave home – this is an online recorded teleseminar.
  • Once you place the order, you will receive 2 emails. The first one will acknowledge your order, the second email will include the link to the download page. Please note the second email will arrive shortly, but not instantly. We aim to send within 1 hour of the order being placed unless it's an overnight order as we do that manually.    
  • Downloaded and listen to time and time again (total time, 1h.22 minutes).
  • Location: Your computer or smartphone

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