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The Consultant Pro Edition


SALON OWNERS Who Want To Become Consultants! 

The Consultant is The Only Book You Need To Be A Successful Consultant 


How To WIN At Consulting

Everything you need to know about getting rich as a highly-paid consultant is in my new book. You’ll find over three decades and more years of unique, fascinating, intriguing but insanely profitable experiences. All the secrets, tips and proven strategies that have never failed me are in this book.

Watch over my shoulder in actual stories and cases where I get paid an insane £5,000 a short day as a business consultant.

  • You can charge £500 Per Zoom call

  • You can charge £2,000 per coffee shop meeting

  • You can get paid £10,000 for a full day of advice

  • You can get paid upwards of £1,500 for offering a simple critique

  • You can even get paid £2,000 a month for just one hour of advising

You’ll discover how and everything more in my latest book - The Consultant Pro

Once you begin to read you’ll be compelled to follow my highly proven, quirky, downright cheeky and of course highly practised methodology to get paid as much as £1,200 per hour as a consultant.

This book is my complete and only documented steps of what I did, and what I still do. Steal anything you read … copy and enhance your consulting business too.

Regardless of where you are in your consulting career …This is the ONLY book on how to be a high-end consultant you’ll ever need. No education or special training is required.

Within days of reading my lifetime work as a consultant, you could quickly make money or increase your current cash by thousands - EASILY.


Let me take you back a little.

You might know, I used to be a hairdresser. I was a hairdresser from 1982 to 2003.

I accidentally became an expert in building hair salon businesses. This was due to the fact that when my company reps came into my three salons they could never believe how busy my salons were. The salons were always packed and, there was a secret.

That secret for me was always very, very simple. I did the opposite of what all salons were doing and did everything I knew about marketing at the time to make sure the salons were kept busy. Suddenly I had large cosmetic companies asking me for my specialist advice so they could help other salons achieve the same success. I had become an expert of sorts.

I eventually sold my salons and started my new direct response company, From here I was asked by all kinds of small, medium and large companies to give my ‘expert’ advice. I was now being asked to give that ‘expert’ advice to industries I really didn’t know too much about.

So, I had to discover a fast-track way to become ‘the’ expert in a new industry very quickly. I discovered a way to master how to do that and still use that very same speed-driven secret today. This has enabled me to have the unique ability to not only share deep insights into businesses for business owners but, also to confidently ask as much as £2,000 per hour for a high-value exchange meeting.

Amazing right? I think it is especially when you think of where I came from. An incredibly poor start in life walked out of school at fifteen and became a landscape gardener because I wasn’t qualified to do anything else to be where I am right now - the consultant.

Today, I have consulted and worked with well over 400 industries, new start-ups, and small, medium, large and huge corporate monsters. Over the decades I’ve worked with them all.

So is it possible to become a micro expert in every business you work with?

YES … and it’s surprisingly simple to gain expertise quite quickly.

The Story Of The Consultant Book

I wanted to write this book for years but frankly, I have had time as I knew it would be a big book. Time was an issue, especially with two very young kids.

When lockdown arrived it gave me a gift of more time. So I used that time to put down a few projects and this was one of those projects. It has taken me 3-years to complete as a side project with all of my other work going on.

But truthfully I have tried to keep this book as real as possible. I am showing you some very subtle, some truly imperceptible and some very well-thought-out ways of doing my own business.

I know a lot of my ways are rule-breakers and definitely out of the box, but this is what has worked for me, this is what has given me great results and good things in, life.

But also this is also what has given me results in my consulting business. And that business has been interesting for me. Interesting that I have had many clients that have paid many consultants before me and yet only had serious results once we worked together. That forces me to ask why?

I came to the conclusion the reason for the is I am not pretending to be a consultant I am simply doing what I know, advising what I know and creating a strong and valuable high-value relationship where I value my client but importantly my client sees me as more than just a consultant. This in return makes my offering as THE CONSULTANT rather than a consultant. That is a subtly le line so read it again if you have to.

That is the difference and that is what you will find in his unique story-told book.

It is page after page, line after line, paragraph after paragraph or stories, studies, strategies and imaginative tactics I used in my own consulting business. As a quick example, you can see how I look even at my age. It’s a no surrender rock n roll look really not worn by any consultant. Yet it has worked for me time and time again. My look has put clients on notice that I am to be taken seriously. And they should be ready for any advice I give them.

I once turned up for Britain's richest property developer on a massive 3 wheeled trike with an engine as loud as a plane. How do you think he reacted when I pulled into the car park revving the engine and smiling with no helmet, jeans a t-shirt and long hair? He loved it.

Yet that day had been carefully planned and done that way for a reason. That reason paid me more than most consultants would earn in a year.

This is the kind of thing I reveal in my new book. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed sharing the stories.

If you want to do more, get more, see more, have more and deliver more as a high-value consultant I believe this is probably in your top five books to own. If I didn’t think it was I would never have released it.


  • 30 Chapters covering what goes on behind the scenes of a true master consultant

  • 3rd chapter - I reveal how to make your money back on this book right away

  • Why the first impression is everything and how to make that impression last

  • Why being cheap is the worst thing you can do. But then how to fool the client into understanding you are cheap despite your high fees

  • How happiness is the root of anyone booking you are their consultant

  • Mastering The Power of ‘THE

  • How to grasp positioning and power

  • Get perception right and everything else falls into place. Here’s how

  • Every reason you must brand up everything and the massive IMPACT it will have on your business

  • How ‘framing’ yourself can change everything fast - here’s what you need to know

  • Understanding the client's psychology - here is exactly what your client thinks. Get this and you’ll never have to fight for conversion again

  • Do you believe it? Here’s why you must become a believer

  • How to communicate with your client for maximum effect and response

  • The power of understanding minds and hearts

  • How to work out higher prices and make them sound cheap

  • TOP SECRET - My vertical and horizontal strategy

  • 13 simple strategies to build a business - and create 13 incomes

  • How do I get my BIG clients?

  • Understanding the simplicity of what marketing actually - truly - really - honestly is

  • You do have superpowers - access your force like this

And so much more. This book is packed with my rituals, my experiences my dealings and even some conversions with clients.


The past couple of decades of consulting has given me a wonderful life - a good life. I have earned well over six figures from one project. I have been paid over £50,000 for smaller projects and I have routinely been paid over £1,200 for one hour of advice. I could jump on Zoom right now and get paid £500 for 30 minutes of consulting.

Not long ago I went to London to meet a client. They paid for me to visit a very famous gentleman’s club in Soho. I spent just lunchtime with them. I had my tickets paid for first class from Cheshire. I had my taxi and meals also paid for. I was handed £2,000 in cash to offer my advice over a 90-minute period.

I was asked to fly to Switzerland. My wife came along with me. We flew first class. We were put up in a very famous hotel. I was paid handsomely to visit a business and offer some advice.

Consulting is just ONE of my businesses. This is a business I love because it has given me so much.

Being THE CONSULTANT has allowed me …

  • Time to do things I want to really do

  • A life where working like a slave is no longer a need or priority

  • All of the things I want and need in my life

  • Incredible payments to offer my truth and advice

FOR: All Consultants- All Advisors That Want More

Regardless of what area of consulting you are in I have dealt with well over 400 industries. My principles for each industry are all exactly the same. Once you read what I will share with you there will be light bulbs popping in your head non-stop. I am only sharing what has worked and is still working today.

Take notes and apply at least one thing to your consulting business and I guarantee you will see changes to your consulting model.

And if you are new to consulting this book with give you insights and secrets that have taken me decades to learn and master. This is truly a fast track for established to level up and new consultants to hit the ground running.

If you are ready to level up, If you want something different. if you like to hear things you won’t have heard before. If you like the idea of breaking some rules. If you want to double your cash per hour. If you want to know how to handle a client and present yourself as high-value … You need to have THE CONSULTANT in your hands right now.


This book is a £2,000 book. It was always going to sell for a high price. After all, I am revealing to you how to dramatically increase how you work at every level. But I decided to create two editions

The Consultant Pro

The Consultant Maxx Pro

However, both books are identical. The difference is in the MAXX version it has a workbook added. Actual details of case studies and materials from those case studies. Some private training videos and a few more things.

But if you just want to read the big book it is the very same book without the extra additions.

What You Are Ordering Today.


Large Hardback Print


Go ahead and order The Consultant Pro right now. Once you read this you’ll never have to read another consulting book again.

If you want to upgrade in the future contact me directly and I will sort out the price difference. All you need to do is provide proof of purchase.

It is a large hardcover book almost A4 in size and roughly 200 pages.

Read it, devour it and make changes to your business and your life. If you don’t like what you see simply ask for a refund. The refund offer last for 30 days from your date of purchase.


  • The Accidental Copywriter - Paperback on my Life as an A-list Copywriter.

  • The Salon Punk - paperback on my life in the hair salon business and a premium salon consultant.



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