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Online MASTERCLASS: The Proven Blueprint To Doubling Your Salon Takings In 7-Days

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Online MASTERCLASS: The Proven Blueprint To Doubling Your Salon Takings In 7-Days





(This masterclass is a replay of the Online Zoom session) 

Join me, Alan Forrest Smith, salon mentor and author of salon business books,  for what will be an inspiring and revealing Mentor Extreme Masterclass based on what will work in your salon business to grow your takings.

You will learn how to double your salon turnover in just 7-Days. All you have to do is to do exactly as I tell you.

Discover the exact formula I use on my salon extreme mentor clients to do just that.

I’ll be sharing the exact same formula I have used time and time again to build a salon business at an extremely fast pace. And it works. And it's proven. And it's easier than you might be thinking.

These days it can be so tough to find out what really works. So much focus on social media to build a salon business yet the results are mostly limited. So many experts with little or no expertise trying to tell you how to do this or do that. The results are always the same.

For over three decades I have been turning salons into businesses. I know what works and most of what works really hasn’t changed.

So join me for a powerful 60-minutes where I will share with you the actual blueprint that if followed will double your salon turnover this week.

Here are some business-building, proven, and tested points I will be sharing

# How To Heal Your Salon Post-COVID

# What You Must Do Right Now To Increase Salon Money

# Do This To Make An INSTANT Difference To Turnover

# This One Secret Can Give You An Extra £1,125 This Week

# The 3-Changes That Will Boost Salon Takings Now

# Why Your Prices Are Wrong and How To Fix Them Right Now

# How To Pack Out Every Column, Every Stylist This Week

# The Daily Blueprint For Your Salon Success

# How To Set a Goal For Half a Million Turnover and How To Hit It

# How I Double My Salon Clients' Turnover Using Extreme Methodology and How You Can Do The Same

I'm excited to share some of this stuff with you. It is a must-attend masterclass if you want to give your salon turnover a huge surge in days.

This is the exact same information my salon mentor clients get.

Access the course below

Alan, The Salon Punk 


Q: How to access the recording once you order?

A: You will get 2 emails. The first one will acknowledge the order. The second one will arrive a little later (we aim within an hour, and no later than 24 hours if you place your order outside business hours), which will contain the details of how to access the masterclass.

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