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Salon Extreme-21 The Ultimate Hair Salon Business Building Manual and Book


The Ultimate Salon Builder Manual Salon Extreme 21 Gives You The Salon Power Tools To 

GROW: Grow your salon business by extreme amounts 
INCREASE: Increases salon takings by as much as 223.7% in just 12-days
TURNOVER: Grew one salon's turnover by a huge £21,120
INCREASED: Increased appointments in one salon by a massive 125 per-day
REBUILD: Helped to rebuild teams of salon rockstar stylists
RECOVER: Recovered over 65% of missing clients
UP: Increased the salon average bill from £23 to £71
PRICES: Controversially increased salon prices by as much as 15% with NO client losses
UNIQUE: Created unique team-building meetings designed to bond and grow a team

Dear Hair Salon Owner,

Alan, the Salon Punk here.

I get it. I understand what it's like being a hair salon owner.

When I started hairdressing in 1982 I hadn't a clue. By 1989 I opened my very first hair salon. I almost lost that hair salon through a lack of clients. By 1991 I jumped from 250 sq. ft to 2,000 sq. ft. Salon. In 1994 I opened my third salon. After almost 20-years of being a salon owner, I discovered this.

If a salon isn’t marketed daily, if it isn’t managed daily, if it isn’t controlled daily - it just will not work.

Your Hair Salon Needs To Know Where It Is Going

To grow your salon business; The salon needs to know where it is going. The salon has to have hair stylists packed. The salon has to have management and control over the front of the house. The salon owner is the person that has to do these things. That's you.

Managers mostly don’t do this. Stylists certainly won’t do it off their own backs. Receptionists most of the time won’t do it. I discovered if I didn't do these things and control how they are done… they just wouldn't get done.

And another thing … just because we expect our stylists to know how to sell more colour, sell more retail, sell more hair services, and do an amazing consultation it doesn’t mean they will know how to do it or do it.

And salon marketing. If salon marketing isn’t done daily (and 99.9% of the time it isn't) the salon will not be packed with paying clients.

I discovered to really grow a salon business fast you have to create what I call a mass coverage campaign that goes on and on. 

This really means you use salon marketing that is

~ Tested - in real salons.

~ Proven - in real salons.

~ Works - in real salons.

And has a long track record in real hair salons just like yours.

So in other words…

After 20-years I discovered the best way to grow your salon business fast.

Filling Salons With Clients - Building Salon Businesses Just Like Yours

Now … for over 16 years I have been mentoring and working with clients and salons just like yours. When a salon owner pays me the cash I cannot and will not take a risk with their salon business. My number one priority is to grow their salon as fast as I can. This means I have to make a difference to the salon turnover and the volume of clients on just

~ 7-days

~ 14-days

and then

~ 21-days

That is what we do I do with hair salons. That is what happens. The results as you will see further below are huge, dramatic and what I call salon extreme. So extreme that once you read them you probably won’t believe them.

But I will tell you this…

Grow Your Salon Really Fast

Growing a salon fast and making big changes long-term can be done, will be done, have been done and are easy to see once they have been done.


What it takes is simplified, proven, salon tested and powerful salon strategies and tactics that just work.

No fluff

No bullshit

No playing around

Just powerful mass coverage mass salon marketing that works.

Salon Extreme 21 - THE Ultimate Salon Builder Manual Delivers Extreme Results.

What you will find in the manual is …

~ Salon management - the best, the most powerful, the most effective.

~ Salon growth - the most effective, the most dramatic, and the easiest to apply

~ Salon marketing - the most proven, the highest numbers, and some of the most tested and extreme results. 

You will discover exactly what I used in my own salons and discover what I use in all of my mentor salons (one mentor salon generated £1.7 million in their group using what is in this manual).

Let me share this little story with you from ...

SAGE SALON Wickham, U.K.

In 4 weeks he has refocused our attention on stabilising and building a BUSINESS. He has almost DOUBLED our turnover in 4 weeks…….at the quietest time of the year!! He has opened our eyes to everything about our business and what we were doing and has flipped it on its head!!

It’s intense, it's hard work and it’s extreme!! But we are absolutely loving it! The results are unreal. 

Here is what has happened in just 23-days. Everything we used is inside Salon Extreme 21 manual.

  • TURNOVER: more than Doubled
  • NEW CLIENTS: up to 30 plus per week
  • COLOUR SALES: Up over 100%
  • NEW STAFF: found and started
  • SALON MANAGEMENT: Fixed fast
  • BEST WEEKS EVER: despite it being January – their 3-best weeks ever and still increasing every week.
  • NEW MARKETING STRATEGY: fast, proven, bespoke, effective and working like crazy

Read what the salon owner sent to me after just 23 days into their SALON MENTOR EXTREME Program …

"We Thought We Had a Salon Until We Went Extreme"

We had a salon, a team, a business – Or so we thought!! We were taking on average £2,000-ish a week, it covered the bills… just! We spent A LOT of nights worrying about how we were going to pay the staff if there was money in the bank to pay the product company…. We didn’t take a wage, we didn’t have any spare cash, we thought we were doing everything like we should but we were still not seeing any increase….until we called Alan.

We spent many more nights wondering whether we should take the risk, it was a lot of money that we certainly didn’t have. We made the jump… and it was honestly …


Alan ripped our business apart and showed us it in a completely different light….In 4 weeks he has refocused our attention on stabilising and building a BUSINESS. He has almost DOUBLED our turnover in 4 weeks…….at the quietest time of the year!! He has opened our eyes to everything about our business and what we were doing and has flipped it on its head!!

Again, we are just 4 weeks in…..we can't wait for the results after 12. Alan is fantastic, he is supportive, encouraging and he knows what he’s talking about! He is ALWAYS at the end of the phone, he keeps us focused and he gets results…… it ’s just simply amazing! 


Rich and Steph, Sage Hair Wickham

ALL the tools used to create this kind of salon success are in the Salon Extreme 21 Manual.

Here's another success story using tools from Salon Extreme 21.


 Alan is saying and doing the opposite to what the industry experts are telling you.

Two Salons DOUBLED new clients. They say there’s no school like the old skool and Alan is definitely the headmaster of the hairdressing industry and since working with Alan even though we were a little shocked at what he was asking us to do however we implement what he asked and are now starting to see results and can see the light at the end of the tunnel with two of our salons doubling their new clients to 17%.”

Simon Hayter, CEO ZigZag Hairdressing Group

For ZigZig Hair Salon Business Building I did the following (and much more)

  • Fixed a stylist issue: Built a brilliant graduate training program that put TWO NEW GRADUATES into the top five stylist positions in just 6-weeks. This is out of over fifty stylists.
  • Rebranded everything including his websites and all marketing materials
  • Created a new positioning program
  • Created a strapline – Zig Zag Your Hair
  • Created incredible offers that packed his new salon for weeks on end
  • Poured tons of new clients into his salons
  • Did an in-house training program to inspire and push his team in greater things
  • Oversaw and created a new marketing program for newspapers and all adverts
  • Created a new super-effective radio advert
  • Created a new management program
  • Trained his area manager
  • Created a program and advised on all social media use

Now that is just two salons out of many salons I mentor.

Grow Your Salon Business The Extreme Way (it's faster)

EVERYTHING I did you get the fast track results in both of those salons you will find in the ultimate salon builder manual salon extreme 21.

And to really get you started you will find a 21-day challenge in the manual designed to deliver you as good as instant results. That's as long as you do it and stick to your plan.

More Salon Extreme 21 - Results

One salon that did this created a windfall of £1,125 in just five days. How. Using a special strategy to sell as many olaplex treatments in a single week.

Another Salon that used what was in Salon Extreme took their salon takings from a miserable £1,700 a week to a healthy £3,400 in just 7-days. How? By sticking to their plan from the manual.

One word on my salon mentor programs. They are not cheap. I am proud to say I am the highest-paid salon mentor in the U.K. Now you might not be able to afford my mentoring right now but … most of the tools I use as a salon mentor ARE INSIDE Salon Extreme manual.

Why you should Own Salon Extreme 21- The Ultimate Salon Builder Manual.

Where do I start?

First, this is NOT Digital. When you get it delivered you unpack a huge manual from the box and put it on your desk.

It is packed with hundreds of strategies and examples of those actual strategies.

There are tactics, tools, samples, words, programs and literally everything I use with my salon mentor guys.

These are the same tools I built my own salons with and you can easily build your salon with them. I would be as bold as to say what you find in this manual could change your salon and life forever - as long as you apply what you read.

You get roughly 500-pages of tools, tips and ideas that are already working in salons.

You get step-by-step easy to understand instructions.

You get the most effective and most powerful system I would use right now to build any salon of any size.

Further below is a long list of changes made by using what is inside our salon extreme manual. If they are a pain to read, just scroll past them.

Salon Extreme Results Will Grow Your Salon

Now let me ask you a question.

Are you the kind of salon owner that wants to grow your hair salon faster? Are you the type of hair salon owner that is done with trying stuff and hoping it’ll work?

Do you need?

~ Best salon marketing ideas

~ Strategies for hairstylists to get more clients fast

~ How to build a salon clientele fast

~ How I grew my clientele as a hairstylist

~ How to get new clients in your chair

~ Client building ideas for new stylists

~ Most effective ways to get new clients into your salon

~ How do I start a hair salon business

~ How to start and manage a hairdressing salon

~ Dozens of tips for running a successful hair salon

~ How to attract more clients to your hair salon

~ Easy hair salon management

~ Self-salon business coaching

~ Grow your salon business 

~ Dozens of best salon marketing ideas, promotions and strategies 2021

~ Ton's marketing ideas your salon probably isn’t doing

And so much more in the pages.

Premium Mentor Salon Extreme 21 Tools

Don't forget salon extreme 21 manual gives you the same tools that my high-end salons are using right now.

All salon tested, salon-proven, timeless, salon effective and extreme result-driven.

If you want the above and want it fast for your hair salon business salon extreme will give you just that and more.

I know you will want results like this.

I worked with a salon struggling to get new staff or keep their staff.

The Young Graduate From £250 a week to £1,700 a week

This is a killer story and a story of the possibility that I have seen many salon owners resist. Let me say this … a graduate is a stylist but still in training. Most graduates have a capability that needs to be encouraged, nurtured and released. This way they will perform for you. If you don’t at some point release them onto the shop floor they will move on to a salon that will allow them to express themselves more fully. That leaves you going back to the interviews and being short-staffed.

So, the salon owner had lost a couple of stylists and his manager. He told me about this young 20-year old that is still a graduate. After talking about her work he said she isn’t good enough. He is an amazing hairdresser with decades of experience so he was measuring the girl against his own skillset. I encouraged him to forget the industry bullshit, rules, and restrictions for now and give the kid a chance.

We planned it carefully knowing and understanding that we might have around four-weeks of hairdressing work that maybe wasn’t quite as good as it should be. I do know this though – what we notice as experienced hairdressers from graduates the client rarely will notice unless of course, it is an absolute disaster. Even then that can easily be avoided 99% of the time.

Anyway, we put a plan of action together and pushed her in at the deep-end with a client column. Despite the small amount of work that wasn’t quite as it should have been, she started to flourish very early on. I wanted to capture and encourage her youthful and internal enthusiasm and rapid growth process in an extreme way.

When we began this small journey her column would be taking around just £250 a week.

In under ten weeks of doing as I had planned using my more Extreme Methods and directing my salon owner, she delivered a week’s takings in her column of £1,700 in turnover.

Unreal. Unbelievable. Jaw-Dropping. Faking it? Absolute verifiable and true!

Worth remembering it’s pretty rare to find stylists that are taking more than £1,000 per week through their column so for a salon baby this was just cool!


  • We gave her a chance a perfect opportunity.
  • We made her believe everything was possible.
  • We showed her the door to her dreams.
  • We offered her a real possibility.

And we encouraged her. We showed her love. We spent time with her and her work skills. We set the bar high. We set her targets high but to her, these were just targets and we never mentioned they were high. We trained her to work on her averages for all services especially higher average services like colour and Olaplex.

This whole process was tracked and measured daily. The tracking encouraged the salon owner but it also gave the stylist a position to be responsible for hitting her targets. Tracing and measuring everything is an essential key to extreme change.

As I type she is still doing incredibly well with her now weekly packed and high-demand column.

That is the kind of impact using salon extreme 21 can have in your salon. The tools we used are in the manual

A Long List of Successful Salon Extreme 21 Results Below

    • Uncovered over £1.5 million in missing salon sales
    • Generated over £21,120 in sales from clients
    • Slashed costs and waste going into tens of thousands of pounds
    • Installed over a dozen huge ideas into salons that generated hundreds of thousands of pounds in sales
    • Found and removed the number one issues killing a salon and then … fixed that problem forever!
    • Worked out to the penny how to increase salon turnover for every square foot in the salon
    • Helped fire and hire the perfect team
    • Hair Salon Takings Up by 233.7% in Just 23-days
    • Packed: a new salon with paying clients in just 2-weeks
    • Saved at least two salons from certain closure
    • Brought a 35-year old salon back to life
    • Showed a 10-year old salon how to DOUBLE their turnover
    • Rebranded and relaunched every aspect of a salon
    • Created a new stylist program that delivered No.1 stylists in just 6-weeks
    • Created and installed performance-enhancing management programs
    • Saved one new salon over £22,000 in rent
    • Created high-end specialist services
    • Built rockstar teams
    • Got salon owners off the shop floor
    • Installed huge specialist campaigns
    • And so much more
    • 65% missing salon clients found: i worked out how to recover well-over 65% of my missing clients and it worked like crazy
    • staff packed: I discovered and created a system that gets any stylist packed out with 12-weeks!
    • Fill columns: I mastered a way to fill any column four-weeks before a new stylist started so now I could hire new staff
    • New staff filled: I worked out how to make sure new stylists would cost me nothing and also make me profit very fast
    • colour at 70%: I increased my colour services from 3% to over 70%
    • Highest salon averages: I created unique specialist salon services that took payments as high as £300 (a lot in the early nineties
    • keeping stylists: I managed to understand how to keep my staff for years (most worked for me well over 8-years)
    • No.1 salon: my hairdressing salon was no.1 in my town and we had waiting lists to prove it.
    • Low risk, high return: I had created a low-risk, low-cost salon marketing system that was filling my bank with money.
    • Off the floor: I even managed to get off the floor and actually run my business properly.
    • Best paid salon owner: I was the best-paid salon owner for miles and had the goodies to prove it.
    • Turnover: more than doubled
    • New clients: up to 30 plus per week
    • Colour sales: up over 100%
    • Average bill: up 140%
    • New staff: found and started
    • Salon management: fixed fast
    • Best weeks ever: despite it being january – their 3-best weeks ever and still increasing every week.
    • New marketing strategy: fast, proven, bespoke, effective and working like crazy
    • Important:

Results are taken from many salons I have mentored and are not typical of every salon!

  • Fixed a stylist issue: Built a brilliant graduate training program that put TWO NEW GRADUATES into the top five stylist positions in just weeks. This is out of over fifty stylists.
  • Rebranded everything including his websites and all marketing materials
  • Created a new positioning program
  • Created a strapline – Zig Zag Your Hair
  • Created incredible offers that packed his new salon for weeks on end
  • Poured tons of new clients into his salons.
  • Did an in-house training program to inspire and push his team in greater things
  • Oversaw and created a new marketing program for newspapers and all adverts
  • Created a new super-effective radio advert
  • Created a new management program
  • Trained his area manager
  • Created a program and advised on all social media use
  • He got us to immediately concentrate on the numbers, daily/weekly totals, clients and averages
  • He helped us write and set in motion a kick-ass campaign to get new ROCK STAR staff and got us to think about recruitment differently – and within two weeks we had 2 new members of staff that are now pulling in over a £1000 a week!!
  • We recruited a kick-ass Receptionist.
  • He helped set in motion, weekly and daily meetings with our team; holding them accountable for their columns
  • We introduced new specialist services
  • Raised prices overnight by 10% with no client losses
  • Created a managers role and filled that the position from within our existing team
  • Started an email campaign with a 71% open rate – unheard of
  • In the beginning, the plan we worked out with Alan was to be doing 10k weeks, and although we’re not quite there yet, we know that 10k is within touching distance and we’re determined to get there, and soon
  • BOOKED-UP: Showed her how to get top-flight stylists knocking daily for wor
  • PRICE STRUCTURE: Showed her how to price her service properly so clients would want more
  • STAFF MANAGEMENT: How to control her staff and be fair with them so they stopped leaving
  • PACKED COLUMNS: How to fill every column from morning until night so she could do less
  • COLUMN BUILDER: How to make sure any new staff would be fully booked before they arrive at her salon using a proven and fail-proof column building system
  • DIARY MANAGEMENT: How to make sure no salon time would be lost by staff booking in fake appointments – I showed her how to kill phantom bookings dead
  • FREE ADVERTISING: How to get cheap salon advertising and in many cases FREE advertising that made sure the salon was always packed
  • WEB MASTERY: How to use the web EFFECTIVELY to get more clients
  • SALON MARKETING THAT WORKED: How to create effective salon marketing campaigns that blew the phone off the hook
  • SOCIAL: How to use Facebook properly and other social media for maximum effect for her salon
  • MEASURING: How to track and measure everything for the best hair salon results
  • STRONG SALON: How to build a strong business that would become her towns No.1 salon so she could sell eventually
  • How to sell more services, colour, retail and more

Why The Ultimate Salon Business Builder Manual - SALON EXTREME 21 - Is A Very Safe Investment

First, let’s look at some really simple numbers to increase your salon income.

Let’s say you want to take an extra £20K in the next 90-days.

Let’s also assume your average hair bill is £45, And with an upsell, the bill can be an average of £100.

And for the sake of example assume you are a team of 4 including a junior.

With just TWO extra clients a day (and it is very easy and possible), that’s one in the morning, one in the afternoon that’s 6 new clients between your 3 stylists a day or £270.

If you have a plan and focus on sustaining extra 2 clients a day 5 times a week that’s £270 x 5 = £1350 extra in a week!

That’s £5400 extra takings in a month and 120 extra clients!

Over 90 days (3 months) your new income can rise by £16,200 cutting hair (£5400 x 3).

Now, look what happens if you upsell.

Will you learn and understand the specifics of POWERFUL upselling 15% of those extra clients? Colour upsell can be as high as 30% to 70% in some salons.

That’s 18 clients paying £100 or an extra £1800 a month


Over 90 days (3 months) your new income can rise by £16,200 cutting hair (£5400 x 3), plus an upsell of £5400 (£1800 x 3)

Total of extra £21,600 in the next 90-days!

Over 12-months your salon income could very easily rise by £86,400 (£21,600 x 4)

The above are averages. The above can vary in all salons – in your salon. The above is based on REAL NUMBERS and average results. The results can and do vary from salon to salon.

So of course, the numbers above are for illustration purposes and they can be as high or low as you need them to be.

THE OUTRAGEOUS SALON REALITY IS THIS – That by NOT managing and building your hairdressing salon EFFECTIVELY you are likely to be missing out on a MASSIVE £115,871 in sales?

Yes, that is the average sales LOST & MISSED in the average salon that does not have POWERFUL AND TESTED salon marketing systems in place. SALON MENTOR fixes all of that.

Let me illustrate

Salon clients naturally drop by 11-13% every year.

That is if you have 500 clients, every year you’d be losing around 55 of them! If your average bill is… £45, that means you’d be taking a £2,475 cut every year, and if you did nothing about it, in 3 years you’d be £7,425 worth off!

A SHOCKING FACT that is hard to read!

If you are not engaged and connected to your clients DAILY not only they forget about your salon, they will go to your competitors.

Active salon marketing has some surprising numbers that can not be ignored…

FACT: for every 100 new visitors to your salon’s social media profile, or salon website you should be acquiring one new paying client. That means if every month you get 1000 new visitors you should be 10 new clients better off.

Taking numbers from above, if your average bill is £45, that is £450 more money in the till in a month – Over 12 months that is £5400 better off! In other words, if you do not get new clients you are missing off another £5400 every year!

When was the last time you checked how many people visited your salon website?

In a nutshell, if people do not see your salon through the Internet that’s the numbers you are missing out on.

What about marketing to existing salon clients?

Upsells? Missing salon clients and salon retail sales? If you don’t do something, slowly the numbers will start to fall back. For example, did you know that over 65% of your missing clients will come back to you?

So, if you have every year 55 clients that have gone missing (assuming the usual 11% of drop-out rate) and you have not chased missed clients for the past 3 years that is 165 missing clients. If you recover at a proven to be able to recover rate of 65% – that is 107 clients or £4,826 extra cash in the till!

The same goes for the missed opportunity of increasing the frequency of visits and upsells in between! If you have a client that visits your salon 6x a year, can you increase by just 8 times a year? Just 2 extra visit! That does not sound like a lot, but it is an extra £90 per client every year. If you increased the frequency of just 10% of your salon clients, assuming you have 500 clients, that is 50 more visits a year, or an extra £45*50 = £2,250!

If you do not manage staff and the reception how can you measure the cost of canceled appointments?

Time is one thing you can not resell! So if you have stylists that are happy to cancel or book empty clients (that happens right?) every day and twice a day, that is £90 of missed sales every day (again, assuming the average bill is £45)!

That’s a massive £540 a week, and a HUGE £2,160 a month! or £25,920 of missed salon sales every year!

What about running an ad? Whether you choose to run in the magazine or on social media, running ads cost money but they bring money. One salon ad Alan was running in his salons every week in the paper brought an estimated £75,000 every year, yet it only cost £50 a week, or just £2400 to run every year!

Finally, let’s sum up your missed cash – taking all above, it’s a massive £115,871 …

 … of missed revenue just because you did not take the time to review and do some proven salon marketing!

A lot of cash to miss for any hairdressing salon, whether you have 1, 10 or 100 staffed salons!

Not a good plan!

The good news. You can market your salon and not only recover and generate £115,871 every year, but increase that number.

SALON EXTREME 21 Gives You Exactly What You Need.

And you should know ...

There are only two ways to grow your salon business.

SALON BUSINESS 1: Try it yourself and learn the really hard way. Can cost a fortune doing this. Can cause great hardship and pain. Can cost you years in time. This causes most salons to fail within the first two years or less after opening.

SALON BUSINESS 2: Copy someone that has already been there before you, made all of the common mistakes before you and had all of the disasters before you. YOU simply copy what has worked for them... DEAD SIMPLE!

So I’ve taken over 30-Years of everything I have learnt about the salon business on the front-lines, the shop-floor and working with salon owners just like you. I have also put what I do with my salon mentor clients into one huge manual.

Salon Extreme 21 Works - That's The Simple Truth

SALON EXTREME 21 is about what will work for you right now, today and works extremely fast. This manual is loaded and guaranteed.

Everything you need to grow your salon, market your salon, and manage your salon is in SALON EXTREME - The Manual.

  • Dozens of easy-to-copy examples
  • Worksheets
  • FREE manual Updates (online)
  • Understanding real salon marketing
  • Getting your stylist busy with simple planning
  • How to know what a client is really worth
  • How to create the perfect salon team
  • How to know what you want to create for your life from your salon
  • How to interview a new team
  • How to educate your new staff quickly
  • How to be sure your stylists understand the SALON EXTREME 21 program
  • How to do a SALON EXTREME 21 consultation
  • How to make sure your stylist starts prepared and informed on day one!
  • What kind of salon marketing works best?
  • how to get dirt-cheap advertising rates!
  • Should you use Facebook for marketing?
  • How to increase your salon takings four-fold
  • Classifieds adverts how to grab clients from them
  • How to create a flood of clients in minutes!
  • How to ramp up sales using a business card
  • The secret of getting referrals
  • How to fill your salon using SMS/text
  • How to really use social media for SALON EXTREME 21 results
  • How to get any new stylist started the SALON EXTREME 21 way
  • 3-Magic words your stylist must use every day
  • How to pack out any new column weeks before a new stylist starts!
  • How to use TAGME EX21 for a mass of clients

And of course, you are covered by our 30-day money-back guarantee. All we ask is if you make sure you try everything in the manual.


Don't forget everything in the manual is tried and tested in many salons over many years. It isn't just offline print but online everything that is covered. I doubt you'll find anything at this level within the salon industry so give it a try and see what happens.

Finally; I Want You To Know

YOU AS A SALON OWNER: Can easily get off the shop floor, relax and watch your appointment book burst with a new business (getting off the salon floor might feel impossible, right. Not now I promise with SALON EXTREME 21)

YOU AS A SALON OWNER: Can watch and support your stylists and team take all the cash for YOUR salon and your wages, their wages, and new profits for some more of life luxuries for yourself like new cars, holidays, and time with your family.

YOU AS A SALON OWNER: Can be amazed as you watch your new client database literally erupt like a tub of bleach left overnight (one salon owner went from 400 new using SALON EXTREME 21!)

YOU AS A SALON OWNER: Can be taken by the hand and be blown over as you see your hair salon business hit new levels and break old targets week, after week, after week (one salon owner has reported to me during numerous supporting phone calls that she had to buy the shop next door to accommodate new business. Her salon income tripled over a 3-4 month period!).

YOU AS A SALON OWNER: Can kick-start the cheapest yet highest returning salon marketing program you’ll ever see in your life. SALON EXTREME 21 WILL give you the most powerful ways to build your salon in just 21 days!

There is NOTHING like SALON EXTREME 21 out there for you right now! Grab your copy before the salon down the road grabs theirs. This manual will have you towering over any other salon competition.

  • NO experience is needed to copy this manual
  • NO experience is required to take your salon to a higher level
  • NO experience in marketing is needed to make what you read in our manual work for you. 

Order today and get these 17 FREE BONUSES to help you super-grow your salon business, just take a look!

FREE BONUS 1: Online video masterclass: How To Increase Your Salon Income 50% in 7-Days (Value £95)
FREE BONUS 2: Audio masterclass: The Young Ones - How To Create a New and Different Team of Transcended Hairdressers In The 21st Century  (Value £25)
FREE BONUS 3: Audio masterclass: How To Solve the Staff and Client Problems - Solve Staff Issues and Get More Clients  (Value £25)
FREE BONUS 4: Video: Salon Extreme 21 Training Webinar How to build your hair and beauty salon business
FREE BONUS 5: Audio: Making Every Week an Unlock Week - What you need to do remain busy every week in salon
FREE BONUS 6: Audio Masterclass:The Ultimate Salon Marketing School How to Position, Manage and Grow Your Salon Business, 5 Part Training Course  (Value £145)
FREE BONUS 7: Video Seminar: How to write a sale letter that sells like creazy (use these skills to write salon ads that sells your services)  (Value £95)
FREE BONUS 8: Video Seminar: Next Level Masterclass - Copywriting; Marketing; advertising; Strategies; Tactics; Direct Mail and a Zillion Things More!  (Value £95)

And even more... take a look at these books and manuals below

FREE BONUS 9: The Salon Punk Book (Hardcopy)  (Value £14.95)
FREE BONUS 10: The Salon sampler (Hardcopy)  (Value £10)
FREE BONUS 11: The Ultimate Missing Client Kit (Hardcopy and digital versions)  (Value £45)
FREE BONUS 12: Salon Column Builder - Classic 1st edition (Digital)  (Value £95)
FREE BONUS 13: Salon Reception Profits (Hardcopy and digital)  (Value £45)
FREE BONUS 14: The Accidental Copywriter - From a salon owner to a copywriter (Hardcopy)  (Value £14.95)
FREE BONUS 15: 101 Ready to use Salon ads for Social Media (Digital)  (Value £45)
FREE BONUS 16: How to Keep Your Stylists (Digital)  
FREE BONUS 17: How to Keep Pack Out Your Salon on a Shoestring Budget (Digital)

Frequently asked questions.

What Is This?

It’s an over 500-page salon marketing and management blueprint for hair salons that have been tested endlessly in real salons just like yours.

Is There Any Risk?

NO how can there be? If you order the SALON EXTREME and read it and disagree with what I have said in this letter simply send them back in a re-sellable condition and I will refund you without question. The information you see does change lives there is no question and honestly, I doubt if you’ll even think about a refund but it’s there if you need it so the risk is NONE!

Do I need To have Done Salon Marketing Before?

No. SALON EXTREME is written in an easy-to-read and understand the way that makes salon building easier than ever!

Expensive For a Salon Owners Book?

Grace pulled in 404 new clients from a single campaign. Her average bill was over £100. Do the math and ask again if it is worth your investment? This is not a book it is a salon experts' blueprint that is timeless.

How Long Is Delivery?

As soon as your order comes through our duplication guys pack and mail the order within 24 hours. 3 to 5 business days is the standard delivery time.

How do I get my bonuses?

Access to all digital manuals and online masterclasses will be sent to you within 24 hours, and all hardcopy books will be mailed to you together with your Salon Extreme 21.

If I Want To Send Them Back what do I Do?

Just send them back to the mailing address in perfect condition and as soon as they arrive your refund will be done right away.

What Is The Author's Background?

Twenty years as a salon owner. A hairdresser since 1982. A marketing consultant to experts since 2003. A published and recognized author.

Is This a System?

Yes and no. It is many systems supported by easy-to-follow guidelines. Each system is designed to increase salon sales and clients.

Can I get a Digital Version?

No, this is designed to be a desktop workbook.

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