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Salon Marketing School


Probably The Best Selling Digital Training Guide For Salons In The World Designed To Ram-Pack Out YOUR Salon - Guaranteed!

5 Part Training Course that Shows You How to Position, Manage and Grow Your Salon Business

NOW includes a 100 page PDF version of the training in addition to the audio modules.

e-learning course – start and learn at the comfort of your own home and time!


  • How To Pack Out Every Appointment In Your Salon - Fast!
  • How To Fill Your Diaries To Bursting With Clients IN Hours – Fast!
  • How To Bring In Tons Of New Clients – Fast!
  • How To Create Salon Marketing That Really Works – Fast!
  • How To Sell More Color – Fast!
  • How To Get Your Receptionist Packing Out Every Column – Fast
  • And Literally Hundreds of Ideas You Can Use Just Seconds After Downloading, Reading and Applying!

Over five easy to follow salon marketing sessions I will show you, reveal for you and share with you probably some of the most powerful salon marketing techniques you'll ever hear.

Everything you hear in the five modules are salon used, tested and proven to work in any salon.

I myself have been in the industry for over 30 years, I had 3 salons over a 17 year period and today I am an acclaimed marketing expert with a lot to share.

I loved putting this together, I hope you not only enjoy what you find in the modules but it really does give you what you need in your salon right now.

Join The Salon Marketing School course and discover the skills to build, grow and manage your hair beauty business.

The download is instant after you purchase.

Your Salon Marketing Modules Include:

  • 5 instant download audio modules 
  • How to use the e-Learning guide
  • Printable manual handouts
  • Salon Marketing Flyer Template samples
  • Done for you salon marketing letters and samples
  • Access to Salon Punk training team via email support


  • Salon case studies from hair beauty salon owners and experts presented via recorded webcast with a Q&A opportunity.
  • Weekly (or do as fast as you like) assignments with personalized feedback from salon business consultants to help you tailor the course for your salon business, and answer specifics about your salon.
  • Done for you salon marketing tools, templates and the blueprints that can be used in your salon.
  • Replay as many times as you like in the comfort of your own time and place.

Everything you need to know right now about packing out your salon is in this course... I think you'll love it!



  • Free Marketing: How to generate 4 times your school investment in 7 Days or less!
  • How to make more money with less clients
  • How to double salon income with NO new clients
  • How to make your salon looked packed without any new client increases
  • How to create bigger bills by talking more
  • Why telling your clients everything makes them spend more
  • The secrets of record breaking days starting from tomorrow
  • Why a coffee and a chat increases salon sales
  • The easy way to increase color sales
  • The easy way to sell retail
  • The easy way to get more appointments
  • How to pack out any diary in 24 hours or less

Assignment: Create a vision that gives you more of a real-life outside the salon. Work on creating salon perception and establish yourself among competitors. Sit, think and plan your salon marketing and salon business properly. Create mental commitment to succeed in salon business. Craft your salon identity that creates salon loyalty.


  • FREE Marketing and Guerrilla Marketing Pt1.
  • How To Advertise Your Salon Like Crazy Using FREE and Almost FREE Marketing
  • Pack out your salon using free marketing
  • Pack out your columns using free
  • Pack out each stylist using free
  • Practical plan to double salon business using free marketing
  • Discover how to reduce advertising spend
  • Learn the easy ways to negotiate almost free advertising
  • The simple plan to pre-filling a new stylist column before they arrive
  • How to know what sells and what doesn’t in your salon
  • The proven blueprint to increasing salon pricing without any complaints
  • Discover how to get clients from the most unlikely places
  • Find out the 5 step plan to bring back all of your missing clients
  • The first 3 things you must say when any client walks in the door.
  • How understand this secret can quadruple salon income in 6 months or less
  • The 7 secrets of powerful, profitable and salon busting flyers

Assignment: Create what we call the 3 BIG GUNS LIST … to get your salon kick-started right away! Masterplan the growth of you salon income in the next 6 months or less. Create marketing tools and ffundamentals to attract new clients, deepn loyalty from
the existing clients.


  • The Internet
  • How To Use Websites, Email, Facebook and SMS to Pack Out Your Salon
  • How to get clients using Facebook
  • How to make salon clients spend more from email
  • How to create a salon website that sells like crazy
  • How to get new clients from the web
  • How to sell more retail from
  • How to create online adverts for your salon
  • How to locate 5000 potential clients in minutes
  • How to sell more stock through Google
  • How to take appointments online
  • How to fill your diary from your website
  • How to create web flyers that sell services

Assignment: Work on growing clients continues. Create your salon blueprint to locate new clients, set up salon marketing tools,  create successful and high in demand new services that increases your income; Create pricing structure.


  • Paper, Letters, Flyers and Salon Selling Words
  • Why Licking Stamps Is Probably The Most Profitable Thing You’ll Ever Do In Your Salon
  • How to turn an A4 letter into $11,000
  • How to increase salon takings by 180% using letters
  • Why writing the top of any flyer can increase your sales by 2,300%
  • The secret of the £74,000 salon advert
  • How to create salon loyalty with one third of an A4 sheet of paper
  • How to turn your salon PC into a cash machine
  • How to turn your home computer into the biggest marketing tool in your salons history
  • How to create notes that your clients read
  • How to make posters that will sell just about anything in the salon
  • The easiest way to post anything to your salon clients
  • How to create mini flyers that bring in new clients
  • The only way to say happy birthday that also creates salon loyalty for life
  • What words sell more salon retail or services?
  • How to say please come back properly
  • How to write 7 words that are guaranteed to increase salon sales.

Assignment: Salon marketing blueprints and salon promotions templates. Create your salon marketing promotional materials, salon advertising and salon tools.


  • How To Get To Number One Salon Choice and Remain Number One for Years To Come!
  • How to stamp your brand all over your salon and create more loyalty in the process
  • How to understand the difference between your salon and their salon (when you know this, your salon will transform)
  • How to transform the way your team thinks about your salon
  • How to transform the way you think about your salon
  • How to create the number one salon in your town
  • Why perception is something you must know right now to get more bookings
  • The best way for you to get noticed in your town fast
  • The PR tricks no one tells you about
  • How to get reps begging you for business not hassling you
  • How to get more stock, more training for free
  • Pulling everything together so you feel confident of DOUBLING your salon turnover over the next 12 months

Assignment: Create salon reception profits, create successful staff management, understand and create salon numbers, create more salon marketing tools.


  • Do you want more clients and want them fast?
  • Do you want low-risk, low-investment marketing for your salon?
  • Do you want the appointment book packed to the roof with paying clients?
  • Do you want to find missing clients and pull them back into your salon?
  • Would you like to know how to create advertising for FREE and almost free?
  • Would you like to understand the easy way to use Facebook for your salon business?
  • Would you like to know how to contact every client in your database in 60 seconds or less?
  • Would you like to create more creative advertising and salon marketing?



  • Setting goals to get off the shop floor for good
  • Creating a vision that gives you more of a real-life outside the salon
  • How to create perception that blows your clients away
  • How anyone can achieve anything when the salon runs smooth
  • How to sit, think and plan properly
  • How to mentally commit to your salons success
  • How to create what we call the 3 BIG GUNS LIST … to get your salon kick-started right away!
  • How to create a salon identity that creates salon loyalty


  • New clients
  • Existing clients
  • Missing clients
  • Prices
  • New services
  • Lead generating

And …

  • How to make more profits in the salon with less clients
  • How to double salon income with no new clients
  • How to create record breaking days in the salon
  • The easy way to sell retail
  • The key to planning in your salon
  • The key to strategy in your salon
  • How to take action fast

And …

  • Why reception is the number one focus of a successful salon owners business
  • How any salon owner can afford a receptionist
  • Understanding client numbers
  • Knowing average visits for more sales
  • The best way to advertise
  • Why yellow pages is dead
  • How to use newspapers to advertise
  • How to get newspaper adverts almost free
  • The easy way to write a salon advert that packs out your salon

And …

  • What to tell clients and why for more sales!
  • How to master loyalty from your clients
  • How to use refer a friend
  • How to use new services
  • How to make an announcement effective



Honestly I wish I had this kind of information when I opened my fist salon in 1989. I would have saved me money and time and heartache. Now I am not saying everything is here but everything you need to know right now to get started and to set your salon on fire is in this breakthrough school.

The other reason this is a cool product is that I find there is so much mis-information around now about what does and doesn't work in salons. It's confusing and in some cases destroying salons like yours. I don't want that and neither do you. This absolutely will help to make sure you are heading in the right direction.

You have no risk - order and if it isn't for you are covered by our 30-day refund policy.

ENROLL TODAY and start building your salon dreams

Here's to your new salon success.

Alan Forrest Smith and Team Salon Punk

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