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How To Increase Your Clients Outrageously Fast. Double, Triple and More Your Clients Using The NUMBER ONE and Proven WayTo Build New Clients

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How To Increase Your Clients Outrageously Fast. Double, Triple and More Your Clients Using The NUMBER ONE and Proven WayTo Build New Clients


"I Got Over 400 New Clients In Just 10-Days"

Do You need MORE CLIENTS? This Book Tells You Exactly How To Fill Your Salon In Days.


One Salon owner was opening a brand new salon. He were just 10-days away from opening. They had just 7 clients booked in. I applied my proven SALON SAMPLER. The day before they opened the next three weeks were fully booked with over 650 new clients wanting hair services. 

Those 650 clients had a salon value of £24,000

Over a 12-month period, the salon value (spend at the desk) is £120,000 in real spending at the desk.

  • Columns Filled: from low clients to 32 a week clients in just 14-days
  • Graduates packed: from zero clients to a column generating £1,900 a week
  • Salons Busy: one salon filled with new clients in under 10-days

That's the business-building power of SALON SAMPLER in YOUR salon.

If you want to fill and build your salon fast with paying clients ... this is fastest, quickest, and easiest way you will ever do it. I have tested this in salons just like your, seen numbers in salons just like yours and even saved salons from closing or disaster using the exact same system.

Dear Salon Owner

I get asked this question a lot from salon owners like yourself.

 "Alan if you had to do just one thing to pack out any salon what would it be?"

An interesting question in a time where I meet salon owners that want more and more of new things that rarely work when in actual fact is it possible to do just one thing so brilliantly well – it is all you need?

The Single Most Effective Column Building Strategy EVER!

I know the answer because the answer is the single most effective column building strategy I have

  • PROVEN: Used myself for well over 17-years to take my own salons to Number one and to pack out all of my stylists and keep them packed from week-to-week for years!
  • TESTED: Used in many salons for the whole team or targeted stylist with not enough clients.

THE SALON SAMPLER program will very easily increase your salon client list and columns by 25% in a single week. All you must do is stick to the very simple rules. (I know that because I've used and done that time and time again.)

And ... You don’t have hundreds of new things to learn. This isn’t about a new computer program or any other technical marketing tool that you need to be a scientist to understand.

It isn’t about an overweight corporate expert in an ageing grey suit, shirt and tie trying to train hairdressers about something he really can never understand. It isn't a new five-minute expert (guru) with a half-decent idea they copied from a book they read just before bedtime.

What you are about to discover is the answer to this question I was asked at the start …

‘Alan if you had to do just one thing to pack out any salon what would it be?’

SALON SAMPLER – IS The Most Powerful Salon Marketing Tool (and only) You Will Ever Need!

First when you get SALON SAMPLER through the mail make sure you read everything about SALON SAMPLER twice. Once you have read this book I want to ask you to read it again.


So you really get it.

And I promise this isn't an experiment, it will make absolutely perfect sense to you.

And I understand when I was a salon owner myself the last thing I was interested in was numbers or business strategy.

But I was interested in getting more cash in the drawer and more clients through my door.

  • IF YOU WANT: More clients fast SALON SAMPLER will deliver I promise you that.
  • IF YOU WANT busy staff and columns  SALON SAMPLER will give you that and more guaranteed.
  • IF YOU WANT marketing simplified you won't find anything as simple or as effective as SALON SAMPLER.

Do this properly and you have in your hands a program that will give you clients on steroids I absolutely cash-back guarantee you that.

SALON SAMPLER is in three powerful and simple to understand parts.

  • The understanding (getting your head around that you are not doing services for FREE)
  • The consultation (the critical part that turns all samples into cash for your salon)
  • The process (what and how to do what you need to do)

The book is short, to the point, easy-to-understand and probably the most powerful column building tool ever.

To Pack Any Salon I Would ...

And I will say ..." If I had to get any salon packed - my own salon packed - by the end of next week, this is the only and only tool I would use. Why? Because I have seen it work so many times.

This is a real number.

£95,000 increase in a single year through one column ... USING SALON SAMPLER.

SALON SAMPLER - that could change your salon and your columns forever. By the way, I ran this every week from the early days of opening my salons until I sold them in 2003 (17-years). Why? Because the impact is so dramatic at every level, it’s fast, it is super-effective and it works.

Order now, Read Now and send us your success story once you have it.

The Salon Punk Team & Alan Forrest Smith


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