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Dear Salon Owner
This is Alan The Salon Punk here.


I get asked this a lot.

‘Alan if you had to do just one thing to pack out any salon what would it be?’

An interesting question in a time where I meet salon owners that want more and more of new things that work when in actual fact is it possible to do just one thing so brilliantly well – it is all you need?

I know the answer because the answer is the single most effective column building strategy I have used myself for well over 17-years to take my own salons to Number one. To pack out all of my stylists and keep them packed from week-to-week for years!

Here is that one brilliant strategy that I would still make a priority to use today and I promise you if you do it properly, if you listen closely and IF you stick to the simple punk rules I put down for you, there is a huge chance it could transform your salon very quickly or even faster!

I will go a step further and say this… This program will very easily increase your salon client list and columns by 25% in a single week if you stick to the simple rules.

Let me share this, SALON SAMPLER breakthrough column building program comes with two initial thoughts.

The first being that this can very easily transform your client list faster than you will ever believe. Everyone will tell you not to do this. That is the best reason you should be doing it … you’ll be and will be the one and only taking a measured risk like this.

The second thought is this and comes with a warning: If you fail to understand everything I am about to share with you it might and it could end in disaster. Stick to what I tell you, ignore those that advise otherwise, this is tested and works!

And don’t shake with fear just yet because there is even better news and it is this. You don’t have hundreds of new things to learn. This isn’t about a new computer program or any other technical marketing tool that you need to be a scientist to understand. It isn’t about an overweight corporate expert in an aging grey suit, shirt and tie trying to train hairdressers about something he really can never understand or a new five-minute expert (guru) with a half decent idea they copied from a book they read just before bedtime.

What you are about to discover is the answer to this question I was asked at the start …

‘Alan if you had to do just one thing to pack out any salon what would it be?’


The first thing I want to advise you to do is read everything about SALON SAMPLER twice. Once you have read this book I want to ask you to read it again. Why? So, you get it.

As a hairdresser, myself the last thing I was interested in was numbers or business strategy. But I was interested in getting more. The problem is we really need to know the numbers if we want more. So, I have kept the numbers side as light as I can for you and of course for me. (the truth is numbers bore me to death until I see my bank statement then I get interested)

There are rules for SALON SAMPLER. You need to stick to the rules. The rules are there to protect and build your client list. If you have more clients you have more cash in your bank account. If you have more cash in your bank you are a happier salon owner that for sure. The rules are also part of a tested program. I have tested SALON SAMPLER in my own salons and in many salons since.

SALON SAMPLER is in three main parts.

  • The understanding (getting your head around that you are not doing services for FREE)
  • The consultation (the critical part that turns all samples into cash for your salon)
  • The process (what and how to do what you need to do)

Within each section, there are smaller sections you should take notice of also. The smaller parts are all designed to support the bigger part or the bigger idea. DON’T panic everything is a piece of cake. Doing it is the tough bit!

But again, let’s not confuse this too much. This is all about one big idea – SALON SAMPLER - that could change your salon and your columns forever. By the way, I ran this every week from the early days of opening my salons until I sold them in 2003 (17-years). Why? Because the impact is so dramatic at every level, it’s fast, it is super-effective and it works.

Alan Forrest Smith


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