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The Accidental Copywriter Book

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The Accidental Copywriter Book


I Went From £7 an Hour as a Hairdresser To £1,500 Per Hour as a Copywriter … By Pure Accident.

Here’s a question; How the hell does someone become a copywriter by accident?

And then get paid tens of thousands of pounds in between doing haircuts?

Crazy right and you probably you had some kind of reaction to the above. This is a true story packed with proof below and frankly at times it will sounds pretty outrageous on many levels.

From 1982 - 2000 - I was a hairdresser - and then owner of three hair salons. I was also writing tons of ads for my salons with zero training. I hadn’t a clue what I was doing.

But during that clueless period in the 90s…

  • I was paid £1500 for a single A4 letter whilst still cutting hair.

  • I persuaded Jay Abraham to let me speak on his stage.

  • I became great friends with the godfather of guerrilla marketing, Jay Conrad Levinson.

  • I accidentally became a copywriter without knowing it had happened years later.

  • I wrote my first flyer because my old french teacher told me to (it transformed my business)

  • How seeing a biker on a beach with his gorgeous woman changed everything

  • How I discovered the ultimate switch to get my clients to say yes

  • I had clients for copy knocking at my door (so easy)

  • I created a 47% sales letter (that saved this guys marriage)

  • I sold over £1.2 million in cars in just 21-days for a guy with half a brain (literally)

  • I got a world class copy mentor for free

  • I started hanging out with A-list copywriters (because they saw me as an lister)

  • I sold my three hairdressing salons to write full-time

  • I got three £50,000 client bookings from one 90-minute campaign

  • I created a multi-million pound higher response letter system that never failed (by breaking every single rule and formula you’ve ever learned)

  • AND NOTE: Why ‘probably’ Everything You’ve Been Taught About Writing Copy Is Wrong (Here’s what to do to become a copywriter) 

But it’s true and I am still not quite sure how it happened.

Everything Is in My New “mesmerising” Book The Accidental Copywriter

So, I mapped out the whole story for you to read.

There are 232 pages. It’s packed with real stories from my own life and transitions. I have gone from the start in the 80s and brought you right up-to-date.

I failed school and everything i know about writing copy and business was never taught to me on any course. This is all from the front lines, it is all real and you will find a ton of things you can copy, feel inspired from and build your own business with.

Readers LOVE IT.

It's good...damn good

WOW … I love it! I’ve read Alan's book not once...but twice - and it's good...damn good...he pulls you in with stories from his past...then just like the legendary hypnotist Milton H. Erickson, he strategically places nuggets of copywriting and marketing gold inside those stories that just slip right into your brain while you are turning pages to find out what happened next to Alan.  If you want a shortcut to learning the lessons of a top copywriter without going through the 20+ years it took him to pick up - buy the book and read it.

Rich Schefren, Strategic Profit



Dear Friend.

Alan Forrest Smith here.

I changed my career from hairdresser to high-demand copywriter at the age of forty. I went from getting paid around £350 a week to earning tens of thousands per week as a copywriter.

I live a good life today. That life was all written into being though writing copy and other writings. I live in a highly sought after location. I drive a car paid for in cash. I do the things I want to do on a daily basis. And at the age of 57-years I have just welcomed my new son into the world. That’s the life of a high-demand copywriter.

But less about me.

This is a long page to read. If you are interesting in serious life change you should take the time to read it. The contents are aimed at you and your life. Forgive me if at anytime I sound like I am showing off. I'm really not I simply want to share what really happened to myself, to others and the possibility for you!


I wrote my first sales copy in 1985 but I started writing persuasion around the year 1979. I’ve been writing a long time.


"I read it in one sitting, mesmerising! Alan recounts his journey from small-town hairdresser to highly-compensated business strategies and copywriter. You'll hear the good, the bad, and the ugly about growing a small business, and what it takes to be an enduring success going the non-conformist route. Alan recaps a career in the writing trenches and demonstrates that mindset, confidence, self-belief and dedication to solving real problems with empathy and facts, not fluff and fairy-tales, are what matter. I highly recommend to any aspiring copywriter or small-business owner!"

Kirt Christensen - Trading Science

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